Are you interested in the ghosts of England?  Well English Ghosts is the site for you.  The site includes ghost stories from two particularly haunted areas, Whitby on England’s North Sea coast and the teeming metropolis of London. I will be adding pages on the site to include Twitter, where you can yak about ghosts to your heart’s content and I’ll use this to let you know about updates on ghost stories.  There will also be articles on the site about subjects such as ‘The origins of ghosts’ and  ‘What are they’?  

I hope to add ghost stories from around the world as the site expands, so keep in touch and see what is added over time.  I’m keeping the stories to one a page on the site and will be rotating them regularly.For those of you who are horror film buffs I have a presence on You Tube, which includes some TV and radio work I did for the BBC.

My Connection With the Spirit World

I used to run a ghost walk in the early eighties out of Whitby in North Yorkshire, the famous old seaport on England’s North Sea Coast.   Here’s the flyer that I used to promote it.

Artwork © Helen Walasek

Whitby Ghost Stories

Yes There’s a Book and Audio Book!

Whilst doing my walk I was commissioned to write a book.  It’s called The Whitby Ghost Book – Hauntings, Legends and Superstitions and is available for download on Amazon’s Kindle as an eBook, a paperback and now a great audio book narrated by the US actor Time Winters, who you’ll have seen in ER, Criminal Minds and Star Trek Next Generation.

Note the name Paul McDermott?  That was my name before I met my lovely wife Rosie and changed my surname to hers, to keep this very interesting family name – Fitz-George alive, but that’s another story.

Click on this link EnglishGhosts to the Amazon book site where my worthy works are displayed for your perusal.

And there’s one about good old London Town too! I lived and worked there for many happy years and naturally, I took the chance to visit its many archives, as well as asking around to see what ghost stories I could harvest about this mighty metropolis.

The result was ‘The West End Ghost Book’, a cornucopia of supernatural tales about one important part of this great city, its bustling West End. There’s something for everyone in this riveting read, from dead duchesses re-appearing to friends after death, to depressed military officers of the Kaiser, throwing themselves out of exclusive hotel windows to their death below. They have been seen over the years by later occupants of the rooms, including several BBC radio presenters from Broadcasting House across the road and there’s ghosts in there too!

Again, Amazon Books (e-book, paperback and Audible version are all available), is the place to go for a copy, just click on the following link to see the purchasing options available West End Ghost Book.

My Ghostly Credentials

I live in lovely Richmondshire, North Yorkshire and I’ve been studying, writing and talking about ghosts for a long time now, well over twenty years in fact.  I have a diploma in Parapsychology and in several other related subjects and  I find the world of the paranormal fascinating, but nevertheless approach it with an analyst’s eye, in an effort to find the truth…whatever that is, in the fantastical world of the supernatural.

There’s More to Talk About

I’ll be adding pages over time, the first of which is one on Tarot and Rune divination. These can all be accessed via the menu on the top right hand side of this front page. Other subjects and ideas visited will include a ghost gazette, with various articles I’ve found of interest on the supernatural over the years.

There will also be a page on some of the TV and radio work I’ve done and more on subjects related to ghosts and the new alternative cultures that are emerging.

These include movements created by enthusiasts that reflect the ghosts and supernatural world of the past, in the form of the the present day eye-catching goths.

It will also include those interested in a reimagining of what the future could have been in an alternative Victorian and Edwardian steam-dominated society, the H G Wellsian steampunks. Hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy.  

Thanks for calling in at English Ghosts and drop in regularly to for updates.

Until then, Happy Haunting.

Paul Fitz-George, BA (Hons) Hist (Open)

O. A. Dip. (Parapsychology)

O. A. Dip. (Psychic Counsellor)

Member of the Society for Psychical Research

Look out for my various articles on ghosts, travel and the world in general at #englishghosts 

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Me in my Supernatural Whitby Walk days back in the early 80s.

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The names English Ghosts and are the sole property of Paul Fitz-George and any unauthorised use orcopying of these terms is forbidden.