Divination Using Viking Runes

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My second choice of divination are those ancient Norse instruments of prediction, runes.  I first came across them when I and my fellow school chums were about fourteen years old and heavily into J R R Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’, we using them to write all-powerful ‘words of diabolical magic’, oh yes!  Not really I’m afraid and neither alas, were we able to turn our incredibly ratty and demonic physics master Mr Bliss, into an ‘orc’ with a constant case of the runs.

However, I did find them fascinating and my seminal exposure to them in The Hobbit and of course later on, in The Lord of the Rings. This schoolboy obsession, was reawakened when that fabulous TV series ‘The Last Kingdom’ came on to our TV screens and is now showing on Netflix.

Watching the runes being used in episodes, when cast as magically conjured advice for the wronged young King Uhtred (played by the handsome and butch Alexander Dreymon), by his feisty and captivating warrior maid companion Brida (who was played by the gritty and alluring Emily Cox), helped rekindle my boyhood interest in them.  I of course have now purchased a bag of gold engraved black rune stones, these just one of the many kinds available on sites like Amazon.

So I bought the runes, but what was I to do next by Odin?  Fortunately and at more or less the same time, my perceptive step-son James (obviously a chip off the old parapsychologist’s block), bought his dabbling step-dad a very, very interesting book, ‘The Book of English Magic’, by Philip Carr-Gomm and Richard Heygate and from of all places the British Museum’s bookshop, a place awash with magic!

Alas they don’t seem to sell it now. However, you can surf across to Amazon and buy a copy online (see the links at the bottom of this page). I personally tend to ignore the eye-wateringly expensive hardcover prices on Amazon, unless I absolutely need the book in question. Simply go for a much more kindly priced Kindle version or paperback, used as well as new, for a lot less.

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This has proved invaluable in executing simple three rune readings on the same basis as those used for tarot cards e.g. past-present-future, or the single question ‘veil spread’ system and I particularly like the simpleness of the methodology suggested in the book and the tips on the runes’ interpretation.  I actually found that I had to cross-check some runes in the information leaflet provided in the bag, with those in the book, as some of the symbols can vary and need to be nailed down interpretation-wise, if an accurate reading is to be made.  In short you simply:-

  • Put your hand in the bag and allow three runes, one at a time, to ‘find’ your hand – you’ll know what I mean when you do it, it is after all magic!
  • Lay them out top to bottom or left to right, whichever you prefer and then using your book of interpretation (I used the ‘Book of English Magic’ naturally’), work out what the stones are saying.  One thing I noticed and should point out, is that interpreting the future and ‘what will be’ using rune stones, proved to be a little more ambiguous when compared to the more detailed information given for tarot cards’ interpretation.  That said, I found that runes tend to give you a more positive and uplifting reading than the tarot, which can be quite doom laden at times and when compared with a rune reading you’ve done directly after the tarot one.

Rune reading then, is relatively easy would-be future seekers. But, as with writing, the only way you’ll become proficient in their use is to get your runes and interpretation book out daily and get divining.

Here are some links to the ‘runes available’ page on Amazon and that great guide ‘The Book of English Magic’, which will hopefully expedite your divining career. Just click on their names below to go to them.



The Future!

I’ll be updating this area regularly, so do pop back occasionally to see what new or very old instruments of prediction I have come across and am dabbling in.  Needless to say, if I’ve managed to predict the next set of lottery numbers, I may have the update executed by one of the many magical minions I can then afford to employ!

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