Goths are Great!

A Depiction of Lucy Westenra from Stoker’s Famous Vampire Tale, Dracula!

I do love the Goth weekends at Whitby. They come in Victorian-clad throngs to the town and really liven it up, though that’s something of a paradox, considering they are all fans of that great supernatural extinguisher of life , Dracula.

The Mute Angel, another lost soul doomed to wander the graveyard at Whitby thanks to the nefarious Count.

This is another photograph I took at one of the great Goth weekends. The enthusiasts were really getting into the ‘spirit’ of things, as this wonderful young lady’s interpretation of one of ‘The Lost Souls’ shows.

Do get yourself to one of these weekends when you get the chance. It’s a great day out as well as a welcome visit to this beautiful seaside town. Click on this link Goth Weekend to see when the next ones are due.

Goth Dreams in Pictures

Here are some pictures I took over the years of more enthusiasts, who struck me as having absorbed the real spirit of Bram Stoker’s Dracula during their time at Whitby’s Goth weekends, enjoy!

The Harkers at Rest

Johnathan Harker and Mina Murray at rest in the safety of Whitby’s summer sun and away from the night’s terrors.

The Vampire’s Daughter

The Count’s daughter smiled invitingly at me and yet…

The Vampire’s Followers

As I walked through the old churchyard I felt eyes upon me, as you sometimes do when you think you’re being watched.  Turning, I saw three young souls looking at me from a nearby tomb.   I smiled at them, but received no response, they simply continuing to track me with the same unblinking stare.  My pace quickened, as prudence suggested I should be quit of this place and them, sooner rather than later.

Stoker’s Summer Residence for his Dracula Deliberations

This plaque at Royal Crescent Whitby, marks the boarding house that Bram Stoker stayed at whilst researching material for his famous Gothic novel Dracula.

I lived outside of Whitby during my later years there and the owners of the house I bought in Grosmont, mentioned that one of their ancestors was named Harker. From what they told me, she had worked as a hotel maid in the Royal Crescent and may well have been the inspiration for the ill-fated Mina Harker in Stoker’s great Gothic novel.

Want to Know More about Whitby?

Here’s a site I often go to for interesting posts about Whitby.  It’s called ‘The Whitby Guide’.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about Whitby, its history and its ghostly goings on.  Just click on this link ‘The Whitby Guide’ to go to it.

Do come by this page every so often, as I will be taking more pictures at Goth Weekends. If you like all things Goth and its culture, there will be plenty more for you to see and think about. You may even want to become a Goth follower yourself!

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