Magic and Mythology in Pictures

Entering the temple shown in the butterfly scene of the film Lara Croft, Tombraider

I have been very fortunate to have travelled all over the world since the 1970’s, when I was then working for Trans World Airlines. I continued my travels over the years after TWA disappeared and I was able to take a year out at one point and circumnavigate the world east to west, by both plane, ship and train.

Dramatic pose by a fallen moai head on Easter Island

Over the years I built up a large collection of photographs, some of which I hope you’ll find interesting from a mythology, religious, and travel perspective. They are for sale on iStock at a modest price and you may find them useful to illustrate a story, presentation, or simply see something you want to put on your wall.

Attenborough-like pose near one of the many glaciers in Drake’s Passage, Chile

Here is the link to my photography portfolio on iStock – WorldPictures. Feel free to take a look just out of interest. It covers many countries throughout the world, as well as some fascinating festivals. There’s several showing a religious festival in Sri Lanka, where worshippers walk over hot coals to prove their devotion. There are also others, taken during my attendance at Whitby’s Goth and Steampunk weekends.

Entering an ancient stone structure on Orkney via a trolley!

As you can see, the shots I’m in range from those taken at tombs and by ancient stone heads, to my encounters with the flora and fauna of these far flung and fascinating places. The good news is, I’m not in any of the pictures on iStock, so I won’t be invading your space.

My encounter with a very friendly reptile in Cambodia. I thought he was cuddly.

I hope you enjoy these and my iStock pictures and I do add to them as I travel.

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