My Media Chats About Ghosts

I’ve done various spots on radio and TV over the years. Here’s a selection of them you can listen to at your leisure that discuss ghosts in Whitby, London and elsewhere. There are also some discussions on other paranormal phenomenon that the host stations were interested in.

Paratruth Radio

 © Paratruth Radio

I had the pleasure of going on Paratruth Radio in the USA and talking about ghosts in England and worldwide. My hosts, Erik and Justin, were very gracious and we had a really good chat about ghost types and discussed theories of how they come into being.

You can hear the whole show by just clicking on the next word –‘Paratruth’ This will link you into the broadcast’s recording on the web. There are a couple of adverts to begin with and then it goes straight into the interview.

Mysterious Radio

Mysterious Radio’s Take on Whitby Abbey

The next two broadcasts, one about Whitby’s ghosts and the other about London’s West End, were done back in 2020, with the delightful lady broadcaster K-Town of Mysterious Radio in the USA.

Mysterious Radio’s Snap of Highgate Cemetery’s Tombs

They’re fun interviews with plenty of interesting questions asked. As before, just click on the following links – Mysterious Radio, to listen to the Whitby broadcast and this link – West End, to listen to the one about London.

BBC Look North Circa 1980s

Here’s some TV work I did for BBC TV back in the 1980’s, in which I acted out several of the Whitby Ghost Book’s stories with their reporter. Just click on the following link – BBC Look NorthWatch out for the special (ghostly) effects and my (then) fine head of hair.  Spielberg eat your heart out!

Haunt Jaunts

Here is a link to my first radio broadcast in the US with the bubbly Courtney Mroch of Haunt Jaunts. It was broadcast on the now closed ParaMania radio and is a fun and frivolous look at London’s West End ghosts. Bear with the link, as it takes a little while for the discussion to come up after the adverts. Here’s the link – Paramania

Over time, I’ll be adding some more of my interviews with radio and TV on this page, so do pop back to see the latest offering.

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