A Strikingly Pretty Steampunk Maiden at Whitby
Picture © Paul Fitz-George 2017

Steampunks! I hear you say.  What’s that got to do with ghosts and the supernatural?  Well the honest answer is, I didn’t really know, until I began to encounter the Steampunks at Whitby’s Goth Weekends.  However, I now think they fit in very nicely with the Gothic Horror genre.  I enjoy their take on the possibility of some surreal, pre-electronic, old-tech world that could have existed in the past, if world history had taken a different path. Then again, it may yet exist at some point in time in the future, after some unforeseen armageddon, the possibility of which, seems more immediate today than it did just a decade ago.

Steampunks meet up at lots of places and have a great time strutting their stuff.  From what I see, they seem really happy in each other’s company and the albeit temporary, but highly imaginative world they live in at the many weekend festivals held around the country. 

They get a chance to live a different ‘out of the drudge of daily life’ existence at their meetings, shaking off the woes of today’s media’s constant barrages of doom.  Instead, they exist in a more genteel, well-dressed if somewhat surreal haven, where their multitude of personas can range from the late European colonial (but with a lot more panache), to a crossover into the Gothic horror world of vampires and all things Victoriana.

I will on this page explore their history, likes, dislikes and having met and corresponded with several leading lights within the English scene, be giving you a chance to look at their websites and infrastructure, so that you too, if you catch the mechanical steam driven bug’s ethos, can become a bona fide Steampunk.  Do come back often to see what I’ve added.

Paul Fitz-George BA (Hons) History

The Colonel and His Lady at Whitby – Picture © Paul Fitz-George 2017
Major MacPherson’s Party Crosses the Swing Bridge – Whitby
Picture © Paul Fitz-George 2017
General Tollemache Briefs the Press on the Night’s Operations – Whitby
Picture © Paul Fitz-George 2017

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