Do you believe in ghosts?

Well you’ve come to the right place, get ready to see read some great stories and hear some interesting tales about ‘The World of The Supernatural’.

The site is now in action and you can read about the works I’ve published as well as information on other subjects I may be able to interest you in.

By Paul

I am the author of the 1987 version of ‘The Whitby Ghost Book’, which has a blue and white original drawing on its cover showing an affable looking ghost on the front and which I wrote under my previous name, Paul McDermott (my married name is now Paul Fitz-George, see below). I wrote this when I was The Collector of Dues for Whitby Harbour in the 1980’s and Anderson Publications published it in paperback. It is (in my humble and totally biased opinion) a good read, with some great black and white illustrations inside by the artist Helen Walasek. However, Anderson Publications is alas no more, Mr Anderson taking well-earned retirement many moons ago. Fortunately it has been reborn so to speak, as you can now get the great new and updated version of ‘The Whitby Ghost Book’ with lots of new and original pictures on Amazon books. It has a great cover picture showing a Goth girl in the graveyard and has been well received. It is available as an eBook and in paperback and best of all, it's been released as an audio book narrated by that very fine actor Time Winters, who has appeared in such TV dramas a Star Trek the Next generation and Columbo, to name but a few. Time gives Whitby's ghost stories a real 'Vincent Price' feel, with his imposing voice and wonderful characterisations and you can listen to a free track of one of the stories on the Amazon and Audible sales pages. Time has also narrated 'The West End Ghost Book', which like the Whitby books, is available in eBook and paperback format.

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